Sushant Singh Rajput, A well educated, good looking, the talented actor has ended up his life and left the whole world in shock. I was also a fan of his acting, it was just seamless. some movies we see just to have time pass or fun but some movies just glue you to the screen, most of the credit goes to the actor portraying the character. One of the examples is “M.S. Dhoni: An untold story”, I can never imagine anyone else in that character, he played it so well. I watched him since from his television days while doing serial “Pavitra Rishta”, I found him so next-door boy. What might have caused him to end his life, he must have thought once that he is so precious, only a few get to climb the ladder of success in Bollywood with so much talent.

The media says he was suffering from depression due to nepotism in the film industry, but I think he already had crossed the path of the toughest struggle period. People knew him for his work, praised him and he was being offered work. Was it necessary to be recognized by some flagship holders of the film industry, while he was being loved for his talent? He was so young, there was a long path for him to go.

I can understand the depression word very well, as it has been a part of my life for a long time. Failure comes with depression, and bring you to a point where you feel yourself as the most useless person in the world, who can never again be successful or can never achieve anything in life. The fear of again getting failed ends up your zeal to do anything. It is very hard to get up when you fall in front of world, you feel ashamed and only one though will come into your mind “what people will think about you”. This thought continuously haunt you, in every work you do, you doubt yourself ” Am I able to do this ???”, even while doing very small things. In such times you need a great support and love not sympathy. The world gives you sympathy and make you feel more useless, while what one need is just the reassurance that its not the last thing in the world, you have to get up and start again and reach the success.

I still remember hating myself after getting failed in my higher secondary, I never knew until then what the failure means. It crushed all my dreams, made me depressed and low self-esteemed. In our society we never accept failure neither we educate our kids about failure. We never tell them that falling on the ground while running, defeating in a game, or not able to learn something is a failure, and “it is a part of life, it is not life”. It took me two-three years to regain my confidence again and to believe in myself after being in a phase of depression and it didn’t just go away, it came again and again whenever I was failed in any task. But while getting up from my failure I already had learned a lesson that nothing is going to stop my life, I will fall many times because I am walking on the path of life and it is not a cakewalk.

I also reached a point while being in depression and also had a failed love affair, when I wanted to end my life but believe me it was not so easy. It was so painful that doing hard work to gain success seemed much easier than it. That was my first and last attempt and after that, I never thought of ending my life and see I have walked miles after that and I am so happy now in my life. I still have many days when I feel low or think about why only me..???? but I know it’s not permanent, the sun will shine again.

So, whenever you get those suicidal thoughts, think once again. If you have failed in a career, there may be a better second option where you can do your best. If it’s due to love affair, or a person, you may be having someone better waiting for you. If its family, you can find happiness in new friends, new career or a new hobby. If it’s loneliness, you can give company to others lonely people. Change your perspective of thinking toward life. If you will live you may have many beautiful things to see, many moments to cherish, but if you will die everything will just stop. Your life not a day’s result, it a long journey, where your parents have spent sleepless nights for you, you have worked hard for your dreams, you have compromised many wishes to reach you life goals, so never end your life for anything.

Failure is temporary, defeat it by working on your mistakes not by killing yourself.

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