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Potty training is one of the most important milestone for toddlers. It relieve us from all the mess they create and also free the toddlers from diapers. However, it is not an easy task to train toddlers for potty training and has a large failure rate. I have a 2 year 5 month toddler who has finally learnt to sit in the toilet and most importantly inform me when he want to pee or potty. I trained him to tell me about his pee alarm very early in his first year itself but to potty train him was a major task for me. I am sharing some tips on the basis of my experience that has worked for me and may work for you too.

  1. Make him comfortable about sitting on a potty/toilet seat: I have struggled with this a lot, my baby was so much frightened to sit on a toilet seat. I tried to potty train him soon after when he started sitting properly but it didn’t work. Whenever I noticed the signs of him passing the poop, I tried to make him sit on the potty seat but he always started to cry horribly and resisted. To make him comfortable I tried to make him sit on the potty seat on other times of day too just to tell him that it is not a bad or scary thing but nothing worked for me. My this attempt failed completely, so I let this go and thought to try some month later when he will be little bit more mature to relate the things. After a year later I thought to try again but still he was not willing to sit on his potty seat, he always use to poop in his pants as I use to keep him diaper free in the day, which was a huge mess to clean. I bought a potty seat which is meant to be kept on the usual toilet seat, it was colorful and beautifully printed with different creatures. When the seat arrived I showed him and told him that this is for going potty and he also seem interested. I tried the very next day and he sat on it too but he was afraid from falling into toilet. I sat in front of him on a stool holding his hand. He sat for half an hour but he didn’t passed the poop, I tried more two three days but all attempts were failed. He was not feeling pressure while sitting in that position and after few days he stopped to sit on that seat, instead he use to cry whenever I use to take him to toilet. With all my failed attempts, I was very depressed so once I tried to make him sit on Indian toilet seat and he was able to sit and pass the shit. I came to know his way of comfort and after two three months of tries finally he do potty in the toilet only. My child is a kind of constipated, he used to pass poop after three-four days from the age of three months and that may be the reason he was not comfortable on a western toilet seat but the reason may be different for every child. Now he do potty daily as he eat lot of fibrous stuff.
  2. Decide the time when to start: On the basis of my experience either you should start too early when the kids are able to sit on their own but are not smart enough to reject things and can be molded as per expectation. We have trained our boy to pee in the toilet after six month and he got habitual of this, he used to cry or go down of the bed while he wanted to pee. But we didn’t tried with the potty thing that early as we both were working and his potty time was not that regular. When I started at the age of around 9 months he started to understand things and was smart enough to reject things. Again when I started at the age of 1 and half year he was not ready, but after he turned 2 years I found him more friendly and understandable. I can also lure him with some treats as well to make him do some things at this age. So, either start at 6-7 months or when your child start to accept some of things you say or want him to do, this age may be different for every child.
  3. Don’t loose patience: This is the hardest thing to do and easy to say “don’t loose your patience”, for me specially who lose her control very easily. While potty training him I lost my control several times, I shouted at him and even slapped him at some occasions, for which I was and will be always guilty. I was so frustrated that why don’t he understand what I am trying to teach him, but later I regretted that he is not an adult who can quickly understand what I am trying to convey. But my little baby always had patience to say, “Mumma paaru kar lo” (Mumma, please hug me). Now, when he is potty trained and call me when he want to do potty make me always feel that how bad mother I am. I should have been more patient and have waited for a right time when he will be ready.
  4. Try to understand your child’s psychology: Kids are not mature enough but they do have their own imagination and understanding of things. My child has a fear to sit on a baby potty seat, which I still don’t know why. He never sat on that seat but wanted to play with it as a car. The irregular potty schedule was one of the reason for my child to be not able to learn it early because, the day I started after three-four days when he again wanted to poop he used to forget what I taught him. babies and toddlers have a short memory span and every time I had to start fresh. The things we do daily with kids, it is easy for them too to inculcate into their daily habits. So, being a parent try to understand the inhibiting factor in your child’s training process and only a parent can understand his/her child’s psychology better.
  5. Don’t compare your child with other: This is also a great mistake in raising children which every parent make that is to give ear to every other advise. Everyone around us want to tell us that how good or bad our kid is doing and how better is theirs. My child was not potty trained at the age of 1 and half year was a great source of tension for everyone in my indian household setting. Arre, my child is doing potty in toilet since he was one, you haven’t taught him to not do potty in diaper yet, bahut bada ho gaya hai ( he is a big boy now), ye to gandi baat hai (it’s a dirty habit), tum kya karti ho (what you do whole day), these are few comments I used listen every time. I paid attention to all this shit as a result of which me and my child suffered. Don’t repeat this mistake and give your child his/her time, there is a right time of a thing for everyone including us, so give your child freedom to grow on his own pace.

happy parenting……..!!!! 🙂 🙂

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