It is really challenging to move from the old place where you are living from years to a new one, but it’s mandatory with the people who have a transferrable job. What makes it more difficult is the process to shift your all stuff you have arranged with so many efforts. Then comes in the picture professional “Movers & Packers”. They are supposed to help you to “pack” and “move” your stuff to the desired location, but what when they make it a mess.
I had dealt with a similar situation recently when, due to my husband’s transfer, we had to move to a new place. We were delighted that our all household items are going to reach safely at our new location by paying some amount to a professional company. That was only one side of the coin and what we faced was the worst experience. We didn’t get our stuff for almost 35 days even it was promised to be delivered in 8-9 days. Finally, we got it after lots of struggle, complaints, phone calls to the owner of the company. When the luggage arrived, it was partially damaged, while some of the things were missing. We got to know the person whom we contacted was not related to the company what we were told, but an agent for different companies. We didn’t even bother to look for his affiliation to the mentioned company as we got the number from a reliable source, and this resulted in a massive loss to us.
So here are some tips if you do not want to go through the hassle what we have been.

  1. First of all, make a list of companies who provide the service of Movers and Packers.
  2. Always check for companies website.
  3. Validate the company’s office address, is it real or fake.
  4. Look for the company’s office in the area you are going to move, at least in 40-50 km near your place.
  5. While packing makes sure to sort your stuff in groups according to your convenience.
  6. Ask them to label fragile item boxes in front of you.
  7. Include every single item in the list they make and mark all boxes accordingly.
  8. Make sure that your stuff goes through a single vehicle if possible.
  9. Talk to the person in charge of the risk cover for your stuff.
  10. Never pay the whole amount before receiving and counting your items. 
  11. Make your receipt signed by the authorised person.
  12. If possible, make your luggage covered by insurance so that you can claim for your missing or damaged items.

And remember you can always go to consumer court for your loss.
Have a happy moving..!!!

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