Chloasma also known as melasma is one of the side effect of the pregnancy. When you are overjoys with your upcoming happiness of life which is growing inside you, at the same time this also rewards you with several unwanted effects, like weight gain, stretch marks, acne, dull complexion, rough hairs and uneven skin tone as a result of excessive mealanine production in some part of your body.

I have suffered from all these during my first pregnancy and the most disturbing was chloasma/melasma on my cheeks. After 5th month of my pregnancy I noticed appearance of round black spots in the middle of my both cheeks which kept on darkening as the pregnancy proceeded (somewhat like shown in the above picture). I thought that it will go by itself after delivery as these are due to hormonal changes. After Pregnancy my acne disappeared but the chloasma retained even after three months. That is the time when I thought to seek some treatment for this.

I did a lot of research and finally came to a decision of using “Shea Butter”, and it proved to be the magical potion for my pigmentation problem. I purchased the unrefined shea butter of “Natural or Nothing” brand from amazon. The package lloks like the image shown below.

Price: 499 Rs. for 250 gm jar.

Product claims: The shea butter of this brand is claimed to be raw, unrefined and organic. It is mentioned on the jar that it can treat blemishes, acne, pigmentation, can reduce scar, work for eczema, heal dry and cracked lips.

What it does actually: I have used it mainly for the pigmentation problem on my cheeks and it worked for me. In 15 days after daily uses twice a day, the pigmentation of my cheeks totally disappeared and I found my skin more clear and glowing. Only very little amount is required for face and hands.

Later my 5 month son developed a bald patch on his head due to some skin infection. The skin was flaky and has redness. I tried applying shea butter on that area which helps in diminishing redness and slowly the hairs started regrowing there.

I found the product as a substitute of moisturizer and the whole bottle lasted for two years (the expiry date is three years from the manufacturing date).

For me the product proved to be magical and didn’t resulted in breakout on my acne prone skin. I recommend it for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Enjoy Motherhood…!!!!!! 🙂

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