21 days lockdown is India was started on 25th March 2020 due to global outspread of Coronavirus. Keeping in view the number of cases rising it is further extended till 3rd of May. Some people are finding it annoying to stay at home and are going restless. I also wish the conditions should get back to normal soon, as in India some people are not even getting food to eat even once in a day. The condition is tragic but we have to cope with anyhow. People have their own way to pass time during these unasked holidays so do I. My husband being a banker still going to office daily and I have the same daily responsibilities with a little toddler. So, what I am doing in these lockdown days…….??

1. Trying new recipes: Spring is my favourite season of the year, and also the most productive time of the year for me. I am currently in my second trimester and my all food aversion and nausea is gone, so I am trying to cook all my food craving and pampering myself. Here are some of the dishes I cooked recently.

Coffee cake
Halwa- Poori
Saabudana vada

2. Car driving: I have learnt driving 7-8 years back and before the Coronavirus crisis I was planning to start the driving lessons again. My driving license file is still pending but near our home we have quiet large area with almost no human or vehicle traffic. I am taking driving lesson from my husband and I am loving it.

3. Getting my home ready for summers: Summers are comparatively little late this year in our state. Due to lockdown my husband comes home a little early and on weekends we can’t go anywhere so, I am using this time to wrap up all the winter stuff. I am cleaning our closet and replacing all winter cloths with the summer ones.

4. Spending some quality time with my husband: Usually my husband come back from work late, usually at that time I start prepping for dinner but these days he has office early and closes at 2 O’clock. These days I get time to have tea with him, get some spare time as he take care of our toddler and we daily watch some series or movie together.

…… and yes, we have also started walking and exercise as our daily routines and our little one getting enough time from his papa during which they do lots of masti together.

There are always good things with the bad times. We can’t do much to come out of this global crisis but we can keep ourself going outside by doing some productive thing we always wanted to do but never had time for and in this way we can prevent the spreading of infection or getting infected. #stay home #stay safe…..

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