I live in a very small town and we are getting grocery items and other daily essentials till now. The cases of Coronavirus in my states were just three till last week but recently they have shooted up to 28 due to some infected people detected from some religious gathering held before lockdown.

The number of Covid-19 infected people is increasing day by day. The situation doesn’t seem to be coming under control in few upcoming weeks. In India it’s complete lockdown for 21 days or three weeks.

What is more scary in this situation is the condition of health services. Most of the OPD services are closed and most of the hospitals can be seen vacant. Currently I am 20 weeks pregnant and last week I felt some cramps in my lower abdomen continuously for three-four days. I wanted to check with a gynaecologist but the hospital where I go for my routine checkup is in other town and we are not allowed to cross the boundary.

I went to nearby community Health centre but there are very less facility available for check up. They asked for urine checkup which came normal. I wanted to be sure with ultrasound about the well being of my baby. We had to take permission to go for checkup and when I went to a private hospital they denied for ultrasound after registeration. Any how we managed to get checkup done from another hospital but the lockdown has made life difficult if you have any health problem.

The lockdown is inevitable but there should be some arrangement made for emergency. We can just prey for things to get better as soon as possible, until then “stay home, stay healthy”. 😊

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