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Stretch marks are a major concern for every women who is going to have a baby. The market is filled with lots of creams and oils claiming the prevention of stretch marks but can they actually be prevented…???

I have not get any stretch marks during my first pregnancy. However, I was worried like all the ladies there and have used Bio-Oil right from the starting of my second trimester. I don’t know the actual factor that why I didn’t had stretch marks but initially when I talked to my gynecologist about prescribing any cream or oil to prevent stretch marks, she has given me a simple answer ” nothing can prevent stretch marks just keep your belly moisturized and that’s it”.

Actually stretch marks are the outcome of skin stretching due to growing size of baby and become visible after skin comes back to its actual shape after the delivery. The best way to prevent them is to keep the skin moisturized with your choice of body lotion, cream or oil. The moisturization helps to:

  1. Maintains skin’s elasticity and allow it to stretch easily
  2. Prevents itching due to dryness

I personally suggest Bio-Oil ( for moisturization during pregnancy as it has mild fragrance, very small quantity needed and spread very easily. Start applying it twice a day as soon as you feel your belly start stretching. In addition to this keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of fluids.

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