Umbilicus or “naabhi” is the hole like structure in the center of tummy. This is the remnant of umbilical cord that connect mother and child. Umbilical Cord is cut down at the time of birth and sealed with the help of a clip. The remaining part of the cord dries and fell off in between 7-8 days after birth. If the cord get catch any infection it may lead to few complications. One such problem my child was infected with is “Umbilical Granuloma”.

My son was born during the harsh winters of December month and we kept him wrapped in loads of cloth to keep him warm. I was not aware about the precautions to be taken for proper care of his umbilical cord. The cord got moist with his urine and took about 10 days to fell off. I found it normal and didn’t bothered about any other thing.

After few days while bathing him I noticed pus like thing in his naval so I cleaned it with a cotton bud. Everyone suggested some home remedies for it which I applied but it developed into a protruded structure (shown in image). I visited pediatrician and after examination he told me that it is Umbilical Granuloma “A mass of tissue grown at the base of umbilical cord due to moisture and infection”.

The treatment was simple with one time application of silver nitrate solution and later the daily application of common salt. Proper care of umbilicus/naval can prevent such problems.

Tips to take take care of umbilical cord after birth:

  1. Keep it dry by exposing it to air after every diaper change
  2. fold the diaper so that it doesn’t cover the cord
  3. Sponge bath the baby till the cord fell off or limit the water contact in this area.
  4. Do not pull the cord and let it fall naturally on its own

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