Arrival of my son Ekaksh bought lot of happiness in my life. It was really a beautiful experience to visibly see the life which was growing inside me for nine months for the first time. My cute little bundle of joy was there in my arms with his eyes closed. I can’t forget that precious moment which made me forget all the labor pain I went through. I had my family around me to help for everything I needed, however the actual challenge was for me that how should I feed my baby, how to hold him and how to make him sleep etc..??

Motherhood not only come with lots of joy and happiness but also with numerous new responsibilities and challenges. In my initial few days I was not able to feed my son properly which lead to Jaundice and he had to spend next two days in NICU. It was difficult to sleep for me as I had to visit NICU after every two hours to feed my son. I had problem in walking due to stitches I had during vacuum assisted delivery process. The most frustrating part was the sleep I was not getting because I was never habitual to wake frequently in nights.

After initial 8-10 days of my ever wanted motherhood experiences I was frustrated like hell. I never imagined that being a mother is so difficult. I had to eat frequently for a proper supply of milk. I couldn’t eat a normal food or anything I liked because in India there a scheduled diet for new mothers. There were lots of visitors everyday to see the new baby. Whenever I wanted to have a nap my baby was up for his feed. The list was endless. Once I said to my husband during that time that why I had this baby, I won’t be able to do anything with him in my life. It felt like that my own life and career is ended now, my life is all about baby now.

It took a long time for me to adjust with my new responsibilities and to cherish motherhood. It’s is not that dreamy and beautiful as it seems but still it is the most beautiful experience as people say.

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