We had a love marriage and were happily married for almost one and a half year. I had just completed my doctorate degree, and we were planning to start a family from past few months.
I was in my early 30’s at that time and was extremely worried about probable problems in conception or infertility or expected health problems and much more due to “precious and pocking” advise from my well-wishers. Every month during our baby making plan when my periods arrived, it made my worries even stronger. My husband always told me to keep calm and to wait for the right time. But me “the impatient bird” read every blog and infertility information to ensure that I  may have some problem.
But than the month of April came with lots and lots of happiness for us when my periods didn’t appear on the scheduled date. I waited for a few days to eliminate the false hopes, and one fine morning, we did the home pregnancy test. As per our expectations, it came positive with two beautiful pinkish purple lines which were going to change our lives forever.
Something had already changed in me from that day only.

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